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Rock Stars of Mobile Cloud 2014


Surveillance Video: The Biggest Big Data
Big data continues to grow exponentially, and surveillance video has become the largest source. Against that backdrop, this issue of Computing Now presents five articles from the IEEE Computer Society Digital Library focused on research activities related to surveillance video. It also includes related references on how to compress and analyze the huge amount of video data that’s being generated.

The Age of DIY
We've long been able to find any information on the Web. Now, with tools for designing goods and services both online and off, and the advent of 3D printers, the Internet is entering a new Do-It-Yourself age.
IEEE Micro
The Medfield Smartphone: Intel Architecture in a Handheld Form Factor

IEEE MultiMedia
XSEAD: A Community Platform For Art-Science Integration

IEEE Security & Privacy
Big Data Analytics for Security

IEEE Pervasive Computing
The Role of Cloudlets in Hostile Environments

IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
Edward Feigenbaum
On Computing: The Stories We Tell Ourselves
When it comes to movies and television, producers and directors often make computer technology look like magic. Grady Booch says it doesn’t have to be that way.
This week's CN News Podcast examines a recent distributed denial-of-service attack identified as the largest ever measured, plus privacy concerns about a major US airport's information-gathering lighting system, and a new energy-saving trend in which supercomputers are kept cool by immersing them in liquid.

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