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How Microsoft Managed to Win Its Fight to Stay Alive
So how is it that Microsoft has managed to stay alive during its most difficult era, and does it have the potential to keep innovating and growing from here?
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Skills for Today and Tomorrow: Insights from Industry and Education
With rapidly changing technology and shifting organizational needs, how can engineers and technology professionals be prepared for a long and successful career?
The 3 Best Cybersecurity Solutions for Enterprises
Cybersecurity is a threat for everyone but is especially dangerous for businesses as the penetration of a business’s database could threaten an innumerable amount people’s data. It is very imperative that a business conduct itself in the most secure way possible to avoid a breach of their internal systems.
Fixing a Broken Development Process: This podcast a discusses how a project that started as a desktop application transitioned to becoming a SAAS business that serves thousands of businesses. Listen now.
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IEEE SecDev: Building Security In.
IEEE Cybersecurity Development Conference on Sept 30 - Oct 2018, Cambridge, MA. Registration open now for SecDev, the premier venue for presenting ideas, research, and experience about how to develop secure systems.
IEEE vis conference
IEEE VIS 2018 is the premier forum for advances in visualization in academia, science, government, industry, and beyond - register now! October 21-26, 2018 in Berlin.
ai conference
The 30th IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI 2018) will take place in the Volos, Greece from Nov. 5-7, 2018.
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-Seymour Cray Computer Engineering Award
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