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Software Defined Environments

Preparing Tomorrow's Software Engineers for Work in a Global Environment
Educating university software engineering students in global software engineering (GSE) presents a range of challenges to. This article also recommends some solutions.

  A Snapshot of Current Trends in Visualization
Guest Editors: Theresa-Marie Rhyne and Min Chen
The February 2017 Computing Now theme presents the best visualization research from 2016: the highlights of last year’s IEEE VIS, a flagship multi-conference in the visualization field.

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Ending the Tyranny of Paper in Argentina
In the city of Buenos Aires, paper-based management had prevented improvement in state services. The authors discuss their work transforming this environment to one that completely eliminated paper.
Spending "Quality"' Time with the Web Video
Quality fluctuations caused by HTTP adaptive streaming can be reduced if video content's natural variability is taken into consideration.

Healthcare-Related Data in the Cloud: Challenges and Opportunities
As cloud computing use in the healthcare industry grows, security and privacy concerns must be adequately addressed, and regulations on data protections made compliant.

Eye-Controlled Interfaces for Multimedia Interaction
The Multimedia Authoring and Management using your Eyes and Mind (MAMEM) project proposes a framework to let users who lack fine motor skills naturally interaction with multimedia information.

Unleashing the Power of Active Sonar
Many applications can be enabled by transforming mobile devices into active sonar systems. This article explores how to use them to monitor minute body movements such as breathing.

Network Traffic Obfuscation and Automated Internet Censorship
Internet censors use networking tools such as deep-packet inspection (DPI) to identify information they deem objectionable. In response, network traffic obfuscation mechanisms attempt to hide the true content of connections.
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Software Engineering Radio:

Donny Nadolny on Debugging Distributed Systems
Donny Nadolny of PagerDuty joins Robert Blumen to tell the story of debugging an issue that PagerDuty encountered when they set up a Zookeeper cluster that spanned across two geographically separated datacenters in different regions.

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